Car Badges of the World
Over 135 A. J. Stokes drawings from Nicholson's Car Badges of the World (Heritage Press 1968) were matched with my marbled papers.
Monvel Puzzle Cards
Pastel Marbled Cards
Botanicals & Flowers
Russian Icons
Bernard de Monvel pastel Children's Art recycled from a 1922 Hachette publication with KTB marbled papers
Illustrations of Arthur Singer, Fuertes, Audubon, Detmold
  • Marianne North of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew
  • Mary Elizabeth Seton wildflowers from 1922 National Geographic
  • Botanical prints and details of famous artists
Color single and double split cards of hundreds of icons and panels from the 13th to the late 16th centuries are available for retail and wholesale customers. 
Birds of the World
I recycle the plates from damaged and discarded books for the Original Book Art Cards which are dry mounted to 80lb Strathmore card & envelope stock.  These sometimes have split images on both opened views. For the Marbled Paper Cards, I hand marble on 24lb parchment and cut and dry mount each signed and dated image to 80lb Strathmore card & envelope stock.  The Marbled Book Art Cards are a combination of a book illustration on my marbled paper.  When the image is large, I create stand alone sets of 2-5 cards which reveal the full image when put together, Puzzle Cards may be sent to one person on multiple occasions or multiple persons on one occasion. All cards are one of a kind and enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve with publication information, which is sometimes dry mounted to the rear of the card. A limited selection of cards are available at IAOMAI Integrated Therapies, LLC 6 NORTH MAIN IN WEST BROOKFIELD, MA 508-637-1997

Book Art Cards
16th-19th century fashion
Oriental Art
Women's History and Famous Artists
Specialty Cards
Marbled kozo background with Vintage silk hand painted Oriental ornament figures 
Marbled Sets